“The article is lyrical, poetic and a pleasure to read, and I recognise myself and my work in your writing. Thank you so much.”

– Jo Brown, Visual Artist. June 2015.

“The feature on the Priseman Seabrook Collection written in the Yorkshire Art Journal was a very special one as it came across as a genuine and heartfelt interaction with the show. It’s rare to have such sincerity and even rarer to find it in an over commercialized art world where reviews seem largely to be regurgitations of press releases. I was thrilled to have such a sincere overview of this exhibition and know the artists featured really appreciated the exposure and the way it was carried out. A HUGE thank you to the YAJ.”

Robert Priseman, Artist and Founder of Contemporary British Painting. March 2015.

“It was so great to be approached by Yorkshire Art Journal with such enthusiasm for my work. The editor’s interest and appreciation felt utterly genuine, and my passion and enthusiasm for what I do was encouraged, welcomed and wonderfully transmitted through the journal to an audience I may never have reached otherwise. A brilliant experience, and a real boost to my confidence that came at a perfect moment!”

– Martha Jurksaitis (Cherry Kino), Analogue Film & Photography Artist. November 2014.

“I am happy to extend permission to you to use images of my Uncle’s work in your very interesting article. Thank you so much for sending it to me…I very much appreciate it!”

Gillian Jagger, Niece of David Jagger, Painter. August 2014.

“I was really pleased when I discovered Yorkshire Art Journal. An exciting resource for the arts in the North – interesting, considered and intelligent writing about a diverse range of contemporary artists, issues and events. I was impressed with Katherine’s thoughtful and perceptive analysis and selection of images.”

Jill Campbell, Painter. August 2014.

“I’m very delighted, impressed and excited by your piece. What a superb writer you are. And it’s such a privilege to ‘meet’ someone who totally ‘gets’ what I’m on about in my art. A big thank you to you and good luck in the future with all your projects. I’m very proud of this piece.”

Lesley Birch, Painter and Printmaker. March 2014.

“It’s actually incredibly interesting to read someone else’s interpretation and description of the paintings, especially as you write very eloquently and insightfully. I’m really thrilled.”

Freya Horsley, Painter. March 2014.

“Katherine was attentive throughout, asking many questions to gain the insight she needed to create her article. The article was as close to our vision as we could have hoped. She understood each of our nuances and turned them into respectful and detailed prose.
The feedback we have had has been fantastic, many of our clients giving agreement to her words.”

Nick Bentley, Co-owner of Bils & Rye. March 2014.

“Thank you for your attention, and your professionalism, in putting into words these marvellous thoughts about my work – reading them is a thrill and I’m suddenly making connections and coming to realisations which will inevitably inspire new carvings. I feel very honoured to be noted here in your journal.”

Jennifer Tetlow, Sculptor. February 2014.


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