Yorkshire Art Journal, Founded 11 February, 2014

Yorkshire Art Journal engages with contemporary and historical artistic work and exhibitions from the heart of Yorkshire. We publish thought-provoking articles about exhibitions and contemporary artistic activity, while raising awareness of local artists of the past.

We are passionate about the exploration and promotion of local artists, and keen to gain and share knowledge and insights into Yorkshire’s art historical past, present and future. We keep a regularly updated list of exhibitions, current and upcoming, enabling our readers to quickly and easily access information on key arts activity within the county. Our articles are successful in connecting gallery owners with artists for upcoming exhibitions and projects.

Our aim is to create articles that function as resources for a variety of readers, including art historians seeking new research topics or sources, gallery owners searching for new artists to work with, artists looking for inspiration or locations to disperse their work, and people who are interested in viewing and collecting art within Yorkshire, among others.